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Sakuu, the developer of Swift Print solid-state battery technology (earlier post), entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with LiCAP Technologies, a provider of sustainable and scalable electrode coating solutions. Under the MOU, the two companies will partner to establish best practices for end-to-end development and the reliable commercial supply of premium electrodes for Sakuu’s additive manufactured (AM) solid-state battery technology.

LICAP Technologies’ patented Activated Dry Electrode process offers significant advantages to the traditional Wet Electrode process. LiCAP first processes a blend of battery materials and adds a proprietary compound to activate the formulation. The mixture is then fed into a special equipment designed by LiCAP engineers. The result is a stand-alone electrode film that can be laminated on a current collector foil using high-speed production equipment.

There is no need for drying ovens, or solvent recovery systems. Any trimmings or excess electrode film can be 100% recycled eliminating the costly waste removal operations. The Activated Dry Electrode process is technology-agnostic.

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Through this partnership, Sakuu plans to license LiCAP’s novel and proprietary battery electrode technology. Further, LiCAP plans to provide high-performance electrodes for Sakuu’s anticipated at-scale solid-state battery production needs, and to co-develop Sakuu’s next generation ultra-high energy density batteries.

LiCAP’s novel electrode solution is anticipated to become an important component of Sakuu’s AM-produced battery line. Sakuu is developing cost-effective and safe ultra-high energy density solid-state batteries that can be printed in custom shapes and sizes and are anticipated to be 50% smaller and 30% lighter compared to established roll-to-roll manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing scalability is widely considered one of the biggest challenges faced by developers of solid-state batteries today. Sakuu’s anticipated cost-effective, ultra-high energy density, safe, solid-state batteries—that could be printed in custom shapes and sizes—introduces a new paradigm in the energy storage space.

Sakuu’s batteries will be produced by Sakuu’s Kavian platform (earlier post) in gigafactory settings, which enables rapid, additive manufactured, high-volume, low-cost, and sustainable battery production to meet mass-market demand. Sakuu operates two facilities in Silicon Valley, California, where it is headquartered: a solid-state battery pilot line facility and a battery printing and engineering facility.


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