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Fusion Fuel partners with Duferco Energia SpA to develop Italian green hydrogen market

Fusion Fuel has entered into a commercial agreement with Duferco Energia SpA jointly to develop the green hydrogen ecosystem in Italy and select markets in the MENA region. A subsidiary of Duferco Group, the multinational steel and commodity trading company, Duferco Energia is a focused on the management of energy production assets and marketing of energy services.

The companies expect to leverage Duferco’s local sales network, knowledge of local markets, and deep shipping and logistics expertise to develop a pipeline of development opportunities and turnkey technology-sale projects.

The inaugural project under the agreement is a 1.25 MW green hydrogen pilot project to be developed at Duferco’s industrial site in Giammoro, Sicily. Fusion Fuel is expected to supply 50 of its HEVO-Solar trackers (earlier post) for the proposed project, which would be installed in 2024. The facility would produce roughly 46 tonnes of green hydrogen per year which would be used to power a molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) system, adding an innovative aspect to the project.

HEVO is Fusion Fuel’s proprietary miniaturized PEM electrolyzer, designed to be small, lightweight, and mass-producible. HEVOs are affixed to the back of high-efficiency concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) panels to make a HEVO-Solar generator.



Deuterium and tritium, both heavy isotopes of hydrogen, are the primary fuels used in nuclear fusion. Deuterium is a trace element that makes up only 0.0153% of natural hydrogen and can be extracted cheaply from seawater.

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