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Geely Holding and ElectroMobility Poland sign agreement to license pure electric SEA architecture for Izera brand

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, China’s leading privately-owned automotive technology group, has signed an agreement to license its pure electric Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) to ElectroMobility Poland (EMP), an electric vehicle manufacturer backed by the Polish government. Geely Holding will also become a technology partner to EMP’s first series of vehicles to be launched under the Izera brand.


Geely Holding’s SEA architecture will support EMP, Poland’s first domestic vehicle brand in generations, to meet the country’s ambitious transition to electric vehicles. EMP plans to develop multiple electric models for its Izera brand using Geely Holding’s SEA architecture, with the first model being confirmed as a compact SUV. EMP has announced plans for two other models—a C-segment station wagon and a hatchback which will be announced in due course.

The agreement represents a significant expansion of the SEA architecture, launched by Geely Holding in September 2020 to be the most flexible and advanced pure electric architecture covering leading hardware, comprehensive software and a wider digital ecosystem.

Brands within the Geely Holding Group portfolio have committed to using SEA Architecture; EMP represents the first direct external user of SEA while brands such as Zeekr and smart have already begun deliveries of SEA-based vehicles to end users.

EMP intends to build its first vehicles based on the SEA architecture at its fully owned and operated manufacturing plants at Jaworzno (Silesia region) in Poland, employing 2400 people.

Developed by Geely Holding through its global R&D centers in Europe and China, SEA is a purpose-built pure electric vehicle architecture that is highly scalable, from A-Segment small vehicles to E-segment and larger commercial vehicles. The platform provides a comprehensive software framework, reducing software development for partners, and a wheelbase that can be expanded from 1800mm to 3300mm, based on requirements.



Now this is the kind of positive, productive cooperative, mutually beneficial "expansionism" that we should all be applauding to the hill-tops! Poland - a former Soviet Satellite state("Eastern Bloc") working with an ultra-eclectic-electric capitalist-socialist-communist-experimentalist, game-changing, power-house of a nation like China! Three cheers for Poland and China !! Let's hope that green+peace-promoting initiatives like this will spread well beyond Poland. (BYD have promised partnerships like this with countries like Bulgaria for almost a decade). Eclectically-minded Geely manufactures high-spec EVs at just about every price-point - largely/sadly only for Chinese consumers of course. Will it finally be Poland that opens the way - the China-Europe floodgates - to great price-crushing compact crossovers like (one of my favourites) the wonderfully-named $12,000 Geely "Kung Fu Cow" ? Watch test-drive by the guys at "China Uncut":
Paul G


Interesting Video; the car is about the size of a Nissan Leaf which sells for about $30k in the U.S.
China is making real progress against climate change and pollution; and, could very well be the World leader in implementing clean energy solutions....However, the floodgates in Europe and the U.S. will remain closed as long as the tariff processes remain in place. The last U.S. president, Trump, slapped a 25% tariff on solar panels and certain electric components that included LFP batteries which BTW, we don't even manufacture in the U.S.

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