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Honeywell and Nexceris to co-develop sensor-based solutions to prevent thermal runaway in EV batteries

Honeywell is expanding its strategic alliance with Nexceris, developer of Li-ion Tamer lithium-ion gas detection solutions, to help make electric vehicles (EVs) safer. Honeywell and Nexceris will co-develop sensor-based solutions to help prevent conditions leading to thermal runaway in EV batteries.

Global sales of EVs doubled in 2021 from the previous year to nearly 7 million. Many of these vehicles use lithium-ion batteries as an energy source, which can pose rare but significant safety risks including fires that can impact drivers on the road, homeowners who may have EVs parked in their garages and shipping handlers transporting EVs to their final destinations. To help mitigate these risks, automobile manufacturers are looking to incorporate technology to provide enhanced safety.

The Honeywell and Nexceris will collaborate with leading global vehicle manufacturers to deliver advanced gas detection solutions in EV battery packs to allow for early intervention, helping avoid costly property damage and safety issues. Li-ion Tamer sensors are installed on control boards in the battery pack or as a packaged sensor with an integrated connector.


Source: Nexceris

Our work with Honeywell will help us empower the global transition to electric vehicles through enhanced battery monitoring. Fires from lithium-ion batteries are dangerous and often difficult to contain after they start. By combining our shared expertise in battery sensing and gas detection technology with Honeywell’s extensive manufacturing capabilities, we will be working toward offering our vehicle manufacturing customers a more advanced safety solution and meeting the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries.

—Kyle Shen, president and CEO, Nexceris

Honeywell offers a wide range of lithium-ion battery safety and performance solutions, including sensors used in battery management systems to monitor the health of EV batteries, gas detection solutions used throughout the manufacturing process and electrical safety personal protective equipment, providing protection to workers and allowing them to operate safely in hazardous conditions.

In 2020, Honeywell and Nexceris formed its strategic alliance to address lithium-ion battery system safety for energy storage applications, combining Honeywell’s very early warning smoke detection and Li-ion Tamer’s leading off-gas detection technology for a safe, redundant way to protect facilities of any scale.


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