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Mercedes-Benz Vans showed the Concept EQT Marco Polo—a new, fully electric micro camper van based on the EQT, which is equipped with innovations for the segment. The series version is expected to be presented in the second half of 2023.


The Mercedes-Benz EQT (power consumption combined (WLTP): 18.99 kWh/100 km), which is also a product innovation in its own right and will soon be available to order, is a small van that combines the variability and high-quality equipment level of the T-Class with the advantages of an all-electric drive. In the near future, the Marco Polo Module—a practical camper solution for fully electric short trips with the EQT—will be available.

The Concept EQT Marco Polo is based on the long-wheelbase EQT variant. The near-production concept vehicle provides a first glimpse of the new, all-electric micro camper, which is currently still in development. The equipment of the Concept EQT Marco Polo1 includes a pop-up roof with a roof bed.

With its scissor design, the pop-up roof can be raised easily with a slight angle of inclination to the vehicle roof. This means that the Concept EQT Marco Polo1 offers enough space in the rear to stand upright. In addition, the pop-up roof can be opened all around or in window form with a zip on the rear for that typical camping sense of freedom. The roof bed has a sleeping area that measures 1.97 meters by 0.97 meters. A point-elastic disc spring system, among other things, offers a high level of sleeping comfort.

In the rear there is a further folding sleeping facility measuring 2 meters by 1.15 meters. Directly in the second row of seats behind the driver’s seat, there is an element with a recessed washing facility and a likewise recessed 16-liter compressor refrigerator box. Directly docked to it is one of two bench seats.

Another seat is located on the left side of the vehicle in the interior (facing the rear cockpit). The drawer system built in here offers sufficient storage space for camping accessories. There is also an induction hob and a drawer that can be pulled out of the vehicle interior with a flexible removable gas cartridge cooker, so that there are two options for cooking. On the right-hand side of the vehicle in the interior (looking towards the rear cockpit) is a fold-out table which is also electrically height-adjustable. In addition, further stowage compartments are incorporated.

All furniture units in the interior can be removed easily by two people in less than 5 minutes. This means that the all-electric micro camper van can also be used as an everyday vehicle if required. With its height of less than two metres, it can also easily enter all conventional garages, multi-storey car parks and car washes in the future.

The electric small van will be available for order in the near future. Prices start at around €49,000 with 90 kW e-motor and standard length.

At the market launch, an electric motor with a peak output of 90 kW (122 hp) and a maximum torque of 245 N·m is available. The lithium-ion battery sits in a crash-protected location in the underbody in front of the rear axle and has a usable capacity of 45 kWh. At work, at home or at public charging stations, the EQT can be conveniently charged at 22 kW with alternating current (AC) using the onboard charger. It is even faster at rapid charging stations using direct current (DC), depending on the SoC (State of Charge) and the temperature of the high-voltage battery.

The EQT is equipped with an 80 kW DC charger, the charging time will then be 38 minutes from 10-80%. A CCS charging plug as well as CCS charging cable is also included as standard for AC and DC charging in the EQT.


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