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HVS receives £15M award to support development of hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck

Glasgow-based Hydrogen Vehicle Systems (HVS) will receive a £15-million (US$17.8-million) grant from the UK Government’s Advanced Propulsion Center to support the commercialization of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck.

HVS is developing the UK’s first indigenous, clean-sheet, hydrogen fuel-cell HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle). APC’s funding, which is aimed at supporting the UK’s long-term capabilities by securing long-term R&D investment in collaborative, pre-production research and development (R&D) projects, will support 50% of the project’s approximate £30-million (US$35.9-million) total cost.


The project, which will run between 1 September 2022 and 30 June 2025, comprises a consortium led by HVS and includes Grayson (thermal systems); Fusion Processing (vehicle vision systems); and PNDC (a commercial arm of Strathclyde University specializing in power electronics).

The support and combination of this expertise will expedite the development of the full vehicle’s fuel cell and battery hybrid powertrain, covering engineering, testing and development.

Earlier in November, HVS revealed its hydrogen powertrain in the form of a 5.5- tonne technology demonstrator, previewing its planned 40-tonne zero-emission HGV, fulfilling the company’s objective of being the first indigenous UK designed and developed hydrogen-electric HGV on the market.

In addition to funding from Innovate UK, Scottish Enterprise, Advanced Propulsion Center and the Energy Technology Partnership, HVS’ strategic investment partner is the service station and grocery corporation, EG Group, offering hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, fleet customer base and the potential for global scalability.



This will be a flop as big truck diesel ices can be converted to hydrogen at a smaller price and do same mpg.

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