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Kalyani Mobility Drivelines (KMD) introduced a lineup of high-performance constant velocity (CV) driveshafts for electric vehicles (EVs) and other specialty vehicles. KMD CV driveshafts are designed utilizing high-strength steels for optimal performance under the high torque generated by EVs, military, specialty vehicles and motorsports.


KMD’s family of CV driveshafts are engineered for 7,000 N·m of torque up to 16,000 N·m of torque, at speeds up to 8,000 rpm.

EVs and other vehicles that create high torque put tremendous stress on driveline components. We engineer our CV driveshafts to survive under loads that would cause other driveshafts to fail.

—Dave Moore, engineering manager at KMD

In addition, KMD’s driveshafts provide smooth operation and long life, even under the most extreme operating conditions faced by military and specialty vehicles.

With high-speed and high-angle capability, KMD’s CV drive shafts offer design flexibility with no need for equal angle alignment like cardan designs.

Kalyani Mobility Drivelines is focused on supplying driveline and steering components for electrified and specialty vehicles but has the expertise and capability to provide solutions for passenger, defense and specialty vehicles, and industrial equipment. KMD is part of Indian multinational conglomerate Kalyani Group, a multi-billion-dollar company.


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