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Volvo Trucks is expanding its electric truck offering with the introduction of rigid versions of its heavy electric trucks: the Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX. This makes it even easier for transport companies to adopt electric vehicles in urban and regional areas.

Rigid trucks feature a single rigid chassis and built-on applications such as cranes, refuse compactors and cement mixers.


With multiple battery, cab and chassis options, the new heavy rigid trucks can be designed to carry electric superstructures for a wide range of specialized transport assignments, including goods distribution, refuse collection and construction work. Production of the new variants will begin in the first quarter of 2023.

The new rigid trucks have a battery capacity between 180-540 kWh. This, together with the number of batteries applied to a truck, provides for great flexibility and a wide range of potential operations.

Volvo FH, FM and FMX Electric rigids can be equipped as follows:

Released for sale in December 2022, serial production start March 2023:

  • Driveline: 490 kW

  • Drive unit: 3 electric motors

  • Battery: 450-540 kWh, 5-6 batteries

  • Cab: Sleeper, High, X-High sleeper cab

  • Wheelbase: 4300-6700

  • Axle Configurations: 4x2R, 6x2R, 6x4R, 8x2R, and 8x4R

  • PTO: Electric ePTO, Transmission PTO and Electro-Mechanical PTO

Released for sale in February, serial production start May 2023:

  • Driveline: 330 kW

  • Drive unit: 2 electric motors

  • Battery: 360 kWh, 4 batteries

  • Cab: Day cab

  • Wheelbase: 3900-6700

Released for sale in June, serial production start September 2023:

  • Battery: 180-270 kWh, 2-3 batteries

Volvo Trucks is the only global truck manufacturer with a full range of electric trucks in series production already today. The company’s target is that half of its global total truck sales will be electric by 2030 at the latest.



With each truck requiring a 360-540 kWh battery pack, that a huge number; Hurry up and move those breakthrough batteries from the lab into production.

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