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The Volkswagen Group and Enel X Way, the Enel Group’s company dedicated to

electric mobility, launched their equally-owned joint venture Ewiva, which aims to accelerate the uptake of electric mobility in Italy promoting the development of a reliable and capillary high-power charging (HPC) network across the country.

The expansion of the charging infrastructure plays a key role in the success of e-cars. Enel and Volkswagen, two strong partners from different industries, have now joined forces to tackle this task in a targeted manner, thus advancing e-mobility in Italy.

—Thomas Schmall, Volkswagen Group Board Member for Technology and CEO of Volkswagen Group Components

Ewiva is already deploying the largest ultra-fast charging network in Italy, with 750 points, some of which currently awaiting activation, in 233 locations, adding to the approximately 17,000 charging points operated by Enel X Way. The joint venture expects to have charging points in a total of 500 locations by the end of 2023, with the aim to reach 3,000 charging points, each with up to 350 kW and powered by 100% renewable energy, by 2025.

Overall, Ewiva will operate more than 800 sites focused on city centers, suburban areas, and main roads used by commuters and tourists. Drivers of all types of electric vehicles from all manufacturers can benefit from the joint venture’s HPC network.

Ewiva was launched in Rome at the grand opening of its first premium recharging station in Via Flaminia 871, which will offer a lounge open to all customers and 14 ultra-fast charging points each with up to 300 kW, all under a solar roof made of PV panels manufactured at the Enel’s 3Sun Gigafactory in Sicily.


The Lurking Jerk

Volkswagen does not produce reliable products. The Italians should partner with someone else.

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