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TECO 2030 completes production of fuel cell stack developed and designed for heavy-duty and marine applications

Norway-based TECO 2030 has completed production of its first fuel cell stack developed and purposely designed for heavy-duty and marine applications. The occasion was celebrated in Vancouver, Canada, where AVL—TECO’s partner—has its global center of excellence for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stacks.


TECO 2030’s fuel cell stack contains a few hundred stack cells and provides a net output of 100 kW. The stacks are then combined together with balance of plant (BoP) components into a fuel cell module. TECO 2030 plans to assemble and test the first FCM400 (Fuel Cell Module 400 kW) during the summer of 2023 at AVL’s s facility in Graz, Austria.


Several modules, in turn, can be combined to supply the megawatts of output needed for applications such as ship propulsion, auxiliary power and other heavy-duty applications.

Following the milestone announced today, we will gradually increase production during 2023 to supply fuel cell systems for a number of pilot projects, followed by automated volume production at our gigafactory in Narvik, Norway, from early 2024.

—Tore Enger, CEO of TECO 2030

TECO 2030 has recently announced several pilot projects that will proceed in 2023, covering fuel cell systems for marine applications, trucks and construction sites.



Good to see some, if only a little, progress toward replacing the highly polluting marine diesel engines of sea ships.
This should be of the highest priority because they are so dirty and are a gross health hazard, especially when they run their engines near ports.


It seems to be the equivalent of a bottom battery for ships. The current larger ships use 2-stroke diesels that have 10,000 hp per cylinder with 6 to 14 cylinders.

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