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Texas awards $3.2M in EV infrastructure grants to Plano-Based Universal EV Chargers

Texas-based Universal EV Chargers has been awarded $3.2 million in grants to provision and install 105 electric vehicle (EV) charging ports in 21 locations around the state of Texas. These grants will help accelerate the expansion of public EV charging in sectors such as hospitality and multifamily.

According to Recurrent Auto, there were 2,139 Level 2 and DC fast charging stations with 5,100 ports in Texas to serve approximately 150,000 registered EVs. That’s about one charge port for every 30 EVs. With ERCOT estimating that 1 million Texans will drive EVs by 2028, many more public chargers will be needed. The pressure on Texas EV charging infrastructure will be even higher, however, when estimates include non-Texans driving EVs in the state.

Universal EV Chargers has also won grants in Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

The company launched in 2021 as a division of Universal Green Group, which has been a solar energy competitor in Texas and the Southwest since 2009.


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