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INFINIQ demonstrated its sensor fusion annotation technology at the CES 2023 with lidar and camera sensors. INFINIQ is an AI data service provider that specializes in autonomous driving. It has an end-to-end data platform called DataStudio which includes data collection, data anonymization, and data annotation throughout the whole lifecycle of data processing to improve the perception level of autonomous driving.

INFINIQ provides a highly accurate (99.7%), cost-effective, fast, AI-powered automated video & image labeling service that can increase productivity by up to 2 times cutting costs for an AI project, the company says.

At the INFINIQ booth of CES, visitors were able to see themselves labeled in real-time. Human behavior was detected and identified using its AI model. This is crucial for an autonomous vehicle to identify the behavior of people on the street to prevent accidents.

INFINIQ’s anonymization solution Wellid can automatically detect and anonymize all identifiable faces and license plates in videos and images by blurring or deepfake at a high speed. With more than 99.9% accuracy, it can protect personal information in the vast amounts of data collected for autonomous driving, complying with the privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

MyCrowd is INFINIQ’s AI-powered data annotation platform that uses a pre-trained AI model to automatically label many different objects. It increases annotation speed up to 10 times. The platform also provides an AI-powered 3-level data quality control process, checking if labelled data fit customers’ requirements guaranteeing a 99.7% high-quality dataset.

The platform also can provide a sensor fusion annotation tool in which 2D images and 3D point-cloud data are synced and labeled simultaneously and 3D segmentation. The customer dashboard enables for customers to check the entire status of their annotation projects on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


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