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SMK Electronics introduced its RGB-IR ultra-high resolution 5-megapixel automotive grade camera at CES 2023. Designed for in-cabin monitoring of seat occupancy, the RGB-IR gathers significantly greater detail in both normal and low light conditions; and, with its comparatively smaller footprint, replaces the dual RGB and IR cameras traditionally used for this purpose.

With the ongoing transition to electrically powered vehicles, the integration of advanced technology into new car builds is not only at an all-time high, but growing exponentially. And nowhere is this more evident than in the design of automobile optical systems, with the integration of in-cabin cameras now standard across newer models and brands.

Gathering significantly greater detail in both normal and low lighting conditions, the RGB/IR camera is ideal for OMS (Occupancy Monitoring System) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) roles. Its higher resolution and greater RGB color sensitivity, combined with a relatively small footprint, make the RGB/IR a perfect single camera replacement for the dual RGB and IR camera sub-systems now in use.

—Paul Evans, President of SMK Electronics

SMK’s RGB/IR Automotive Grade Camera Specifications

Active Pixels: 2592(W) x 1944(H)
Frame Rate: Alternating 60fps RGB/IR
Distance: 5 meters or more
Field of View: 137°(H) 96°(V) 192°(D)
Power Source: Camera (12V) / LED (24V)
Applications: Driver Management & Occupancy Management Systems
Dimensions: Configurable to Customer Specifications


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