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Chile-based Ensorcia Metals, a specialist in the extraction and transformation of high purity lithium, will invest €200 million to build a lithium hydroxide conversion plant in Europe.

The plant, under the auspices of Ensorcia European subsidiary Sorcia Europe, should start its operations in 2025 with an installed capacity of 20,000 tons LCE per year, and a ramp-up capacity of 40 thousand tons.

Ensorcia uses IBAT’s modular, mobile DLE (Direct Lithium Extraction) technology.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 11.26.52 AM

Ensorcia, whose main operations are now based in Argentina and Chile, currently has several projects under study for the creation of different lithium processing plants in South America, Europe and North America. The opening of the European plant would be the first European step in a global expansion project, as an answer to the growing and long-term demand for lithium for the EV market expansion.

Ensorcia holds there the exclusive license to operate the modular DLE technology from its long-standing partner IBAT.


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