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Sakuú selects Porsche Consulting for design of commercial-scale battery manufacturing plants

Sakuú, the developer of 3D-printed Swift Print solid-state battery technology (earlier post), has selected Porsche Consulting, a subsidiary of the automotive manufacturer Porsche, to lead all aspects of design for its planned global gigafactories.

The relationship will ensure that Sakuú has expertise secured for building gigafactories to meet its 2030 annual energy output goal of 200GWh across its developing energy storage product line.

Porsche Consulting’s expertise in large-scale factory design, particularly in the automotive space, will enable Sakuú gigafactories that prioritize sustainable design, while maximizing manufacturing efficiencies that can be replicated efficiently across locations around the globe.

Sakuú’s first plant design will accommodate roll-to-roll manufacturing for its novel line of safe, high energy density lithium-metal batteries, followed by a series of first-of-their-kind plants utilizing Sakuú’s pioneering Kavian platform solution to produce its Swift Print solid-state battery line via advanced multi-material additive manufacturing.


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