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Tesla investing $3.6B more in Nevada, including high-volume Semi factory and 100GWh 4680 cell factory

Tesla will invest an additional $3.6 billion in Nevada to continue growing Gigafactory Nevada with two new factories: a 100 GWh 4680 cell (earlier post) factory (with capacity to produce enough batteries for 1.5 million light duty vehicles annually), as well as its first high-volume Semi factory.

Semi is Tesla’s fully electric Class 8 tractor, with 500 miles of range and energy consumption of less than 2 KWh per mile.

In 2014, Tesla committed to invest $3.5 billion in Nevada for its first Gigafactory, targeted at 35 GWh of battery cells annually—enough to manufacture about 500,000 vehicles per year.


Since then, Tesla has invested $6.2 billion in Nevada and built a 5.4 million square foot Gigafactory. To date, the team at Gigafactory Nevada has produced:

  • 7.3 billion battery cells (37 GWh+ annually)

  • 1.5 million battery packs

  • 3.6 million drive units

  • 1 million energy modules (14 GWh+ total)



Is Tesla finally going to bring the Semi to market?

On a related subject I have seen the new Amazon Prime Rivian Electric Delivery Vans on the road and even in my neighborhood.

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