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Nikola Corporation has created a new global brand, HYLA, to encompass the company’s energy products for producing, distributing and dispensing hydrogen to fuel its zero-emissions trucks.

The HYLA brand represents Nikola’s hydrogen-focused energy business by supporting our fuel cell electric vehicles and those of other OEMs. Hydrogen energy is the catalyst for the HYLA brand and serves as a forward-looking solution for our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals and dramatically reduce the overall carbon emissions in the transportation sector.

—Carey Mendes, President, Nikola Energy

With a range of up to 500 miles, the Nikola Tre FCEV is expected to have among the longest ranges of all commercially available zero tailpipe emission Class 8 tractors while realizing weight savings when compared to battery-electric Class 8 trucks with similar range. The Tre FCEV is suited for a variety of applications ranging from drayage and intermodal to metro-regional truckload and less than truckload to certain specialized hauling use cases.

Under the HYLA brand, Nikola is developing access of up to 300 metric tons per day (TPD) of hydrogen. This supply is expected to be supported by the previously announced projects referenced below, which are being developed with Nikola partners.

  • City of Buckeye, AZ Production Hub – phased development of up to 150 metric-TPD

  • Plug Power – multi-region offtake agreement of up to 125 metric-TPD

  • Terre Haute, IN Wabash Valley Resources – 50 metric-TPD

  • Crossfield, Alberta TC Energy – 60 metric-TPD

  • Clinton County, PA KeyState – 100 metric-TPD

Phoenix Hydrogen Hub (PHH). Located in Buckeye, Ariz., the PHH is expected to be built in phases to scale with the demand created from Nikola’s zero-emission trucks in the Southwest region, starting with 30 metric tons in the first phase, and up to 150 metric tons per day of hydrogen in future phases. Construction of the first phase is anticipated to be completed in the second half of 2024, once final investment decisions and customary regulatory approvals are finalized.

HYLA Hydrogen Stations. With the intent to have 60 hydrogen stations in place by 2026, the first announced hydrogen stations will be in California in Colton, Ontario, and a location servicing the Port of Long Beach. California is a launch market for Nikola and these stations intend to support key customers to help advance the state’s efforts to decarbonize the transport sector.

HYLA Flexible Mobile Fueler. The HYLA flexible mobile fueler solution is an integral part of Nikola’s flexible customer service in its early years by distributing hydrogen to its FCEV customers at locations which meet their needs. The mobile fueler cools and compresses hydrogen to rapidly fill 700 bar FCEV heavy-duty trucks. Coupled with a hydrogen tube trailer with a capacity of 960 kg, the mobile fueler can refuel customer trucks back-to-back.

The mobile fueler program includes its own mobile fuelers as well as a number of third party mobile fuelers, which will provide Nikola customers with a variety of flexible fueling options.

The first mobile fueler has completed commissioning and testing and has been released for market operation. Nikola has additional hydrogen mobile fuelers being commissioned in Q1 2023.

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI). Earlier, Nikola and Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on and evaluate the co-development of large-scale US green hydrogen production facilities.

Supply of green hydrogen for any potential projects will be underpinned by Nikola as a potential offtaker, which has a large demand for green hydrogen in order to decarbonize the transportation sector and other industries.


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