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Polestar and Luminar expand lidar partnership to multiple vehicles

Polestar and automotive technology company Luminar will expand the integration of Luminar’s lidar systems to the Polestar 5—the electric 4-door GT expected to launch in 2024 based on the Polestar Precept concept car. This expanded partnership provides a foundation to further collaborate on lidar integration and design on Polestar’s future vehicles.


Both the Polestar 3 and Polestar 5 will seamlessly integrate Luminar’s long-range Iris long-range lidar sensor and software into the roofline. Iris features a 120˚ horizontal field of view and a 28˚ dynamic vertical field of view. Software configurable scan settings enable perception systems to dynamically control regions of interest—including an automated horizon tracker.

Iris can detect dark objects at night up to 250m away and has a maximum range of 600m.

Coinciding with the announcement, sales of Polestar 3 with lidar have been brought forward so that customers in initial markets can now place orders for Polestar 3 with lidar, with deliveries expected in 2024.


Orders for Polestar 3 with lidar from Luminar started in European and North American Polestar markets on 2 February. Orders in Australia follow slightly later in February, and are planned to start in China from mid-April. Orders in all other Polestar markets are expected to start at a later date.

Deliveries of orders for Polestar 3 without lidar, which opened on the day of the world premiere, 12 October 2022, are expected in Q4 2023. First deliveries of Polestar 3 with lidar are expected before the end of 2024. There is no change to the existing expected delivery timing on Polestar 3 overall, or the series production timing of Luminar’s LiDAR independent of Polestar.


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