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HYVIA and HYSETCO join forces to accelerate hydrogen mobility

HYVIA, a joint venture equally owned by Renault and Plug (earlier post), and HYSETCO, a developer of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure network in France, are developing a new cooperation which aims to:

  • Improve the customer experience of HYVIA light commercial vehicles users in the public hydrogen refueling stations of the HYSETCO network.

  • Study an integrated offer of HYVIA commercial vehicles to be proposed by HYSETCO, including the vehicle, the associated services, and the supply of hydrogen.

  • Provide complementary services proposed by HYSETCO for HYVIA light commercial vehicle customers.

  • Support the development of HYSETCO’s network of public H2 stations.


This cooperation is based on the complementary nature of HYVIA and HYSETCO's offers:

  • HYVIA offers an ecosystem of solutions including a range of hydrogen light commercial vehicles (van, minibus, chassis cab) and private hydrogen refueling stations for its professional customers.

  • HYSETCO develops and operates public hydrogen refueling stations and offers integrated solutions to facilitate access to hydrogen mobility for professionals.


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