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Fuel cell bus trials on the BRT Hikoboshi Line in Japan

Fukuoka Prefecture, Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT), and Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) will conduct trials of a small fuel cell electric bus (FC bus) that runs on hydrogen on the BRT Hikoboshi Line , a bus rapid transit (BRT) system planned for launch around the summer of 2023.


This initiative will be the first implementation of the partnership agreement between Fukuoka Prefecture and CJPT to expand commercial FC mobility. Fukuoka Prefecture and CJPT will work with JR Kyushu to hold the trials with a view to bringing FC mobility to local transportation.

The trials aim to deepen awareness of hydrogen as a future energy source by using it to operate a local transportation system familiar to residents while achieving region-wide sustainable growth.

By verifying the feasibility of adopting FC mobility, the trials are intended to increase the options for local transportation and help create a green transportation system. While bringing the use of hydrogen to local transportation, the trials will lead to the development of areas along the Hitahikosan Line BRT.

Fukuoka Prefecture is responsible for the overall coordination and support for improving the environment of the trial runs. CJPT is responsible for development planning for the next-generation hydrogen bus and coordination of the trial vehicle. JR Kyushu will operate the trial vehicle on the BRT Hikoboshi Line.

The fuel cell bus will be based on the Toyota Coaster and use a second-generation FC system from the Toyota Mirai FCEV.


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