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Liquid Wind submits environmental permit application for second large-scale electrofuels plant

Liquid Wind (earlier post) is applying for an environmental permit for its second commercial-scale green electrofuel facility—FlagshipTWO—in Sundsvall, about 380 km north of Stockholm. The construction is planned to start in 2024 and the facility will be operational in the beginning of 2026.

Planned production capacity is 130,000 tons of green e-fuel/year.

Liquid Wind produces based on renewable hydrogen and biogenic CO2. FlagshipTWO will be built in cooperation with Sundsvall Energi and will be connected to Sundsvall Energi’s cogeneration plant Korstaverket, located near the harbour in Tunadal. FlagshipTWO will capture carbon dioxide from Korstaverket; the biogenic part of the CO2 captures will be used for the electrofuel production for the maritime industry.

The planned electrofuel production in Sundsvall is estimated to contribute to a 283,000 ton reduction of CO2 emissions annually, primarily by replacing marine fossil fuels (approximately 199,000 tons of CO2) and through permanent storage of fossil carbon dioxide (approximately 84,000 tons of CO2). It is Sundsvall Energi’s project Phoenix that is applying for the CCS permit.

In December 2022, Liquid Wind announced that Ørsted will acquire full ownership of FlagshipONE, the Swedish green electrofuel plant previously co-owned by Liquid Wind and Ørsted. Once FlagshipONE enters operations in 2025, it will produce around 50,000 tonnes of eMethanol yearly.

Ørsted has taken final investment decision on the project and will start onsite construction of FlagshipONE in the spring of 2023.



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