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Proton Motors receives two orders for total of 33 HyModule S8 units

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has received two new orders for the HyModule S8 hydrogen fuel cell system. The emission-free product is designed for the autonomous provision of energy and heat.

GKN Hydrogen Italy placed an order for an additional 15 HyModule S8 hydrogen fuel cell systems. Taking into account previous orders, GKN Hydrogen has now ordered 46 HyModule S8 units in total from Proton Motor. The company continues to integrate the Proton Motor technology in its HY2 energy systems.

HY2 uses an innovative metal hydride storage solution to provide IT back-up systems, off-grid power generation and plug-in electric car charging station support.

UMSTRO, a specialist in modular energy cells for sustainable power generation, ordered 18 HyModule S8 hydrogen fuel cell systems for integration into various projects for use in emergency power and combined heat and power applications.

Of the 18 systems ordered, two systems of 8.4kW each are intended for the municipal housing company Euskirchener Baugesellschaft mbH, with which UMSTRO is developing a new energy self-sufficient multi-family house. An additional ten units are intended for use as decentralised and decarbonized energy supply solutions and the remaining six systems are to be produced for stock.

UMSTRO is a specialist in modular energy cells for sustainable power generation from renewable energies with hydrogen storage solutions. In 2021, Proton Motor manufactured a HyModule S8 system for integration into UMSTRO’s modern energy trailer, formally known as the Mobile Solar FuelCell Aggregate.


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