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Renault and Nissan announced a new long-term vision for India, increasing production and R&D activities, introducing electric vehicles, and transitioning to carbon-neutral manufacturing.

From their base in Chennai, the companies will collaborate on six new production vehicles for domestic and international customers, including two new fully electric vehicles, uplifting the Renault-Nissan center into an international export hub.

An initial investment of around US$600 million / ₹5300 crores is planned to support the new projects, which will see an up to 2,000 additional new jobs created at the Renault Nissan Technology & Business Center in Chennai. At the same time, the RNAIPL factory will become carbon-neutral with a significant increase in renewable energy generation.

Renault and Nissan are fully committed to the Indian market, committed to electrifying the Indian market and committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. India was the first Alliance plant and India will be at the center of this new chapter of the Alliance, with new vehicles, new R&D activities and new export markets taking our joint operations to the next level.

For the first time, the Nissan line-up in India will reflect our global power in high-quality SUVs and EVs, bringing greater value to our employees, customers and communities.

—Guillaume Cartier, Chairperson for Nissan’s Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania region

The six new models—three for each company—will be engineered and built in Chennai. They will be built on common Alliance platforms while retaining the individual, distinctive styling of the respective brands.

They will include four new C-segment SUVs. Two new A-segment electric vehicles will be the first EVs for both Renault and Nissan in India, building on the heritage and expertise of both brands in mass-market electrification, which began with the Nissan LEAF and Renault Zoe more than a decade ago.

The new models will not only be aimed at Indian customers but will also signal a significant increase in exports from India, boosting plant utilization to 80%. Complementing the additional production will be an increase in R&D and associated activities at the Renault Nissan Technology & Business Center India.

The RNAIPL plant, already one of the Alliance’s leading centers for energy and resource reduction, also is announcing its roadmap to carbon neutrality. This will be achieved by 2045, through an ongoing program to transition to 100% renewable energy, while reducing energy consumption at the plant by 50% compared to today.

Chennai Plant already sources more than 50% of its electricity from renewables, including solar, biomass and wind. The existing solar plant will become more than six times bigger, expanding to a 14MW plant from 2.2MW today.

As a consequence of the renewed commitment of both companies to the Indian market, Renault and Nissan are realigning their shareholding in their joint operations.

Under the new framework agreement, Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Ltd (RNAIPL) will move to an ownership of 51% Nissan - 49% Renault. Renault Nissan Technology Business Center (RNTBCI) will move to an ownership of 51% Renault - 49% Nissan. This reinforces the partnership for the long-term and will empower the joint ventures with more responsibility and more autonomy, the companies said.


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