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HEVO to collaborate with Stellantis on wireless EV charging

HEVO Inc., a provider of wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, and Stellantis are partnering to integrate wireless charging into Stellantis EVs. Wireless charging is designed to increase simplicity and safety, while removing operational friction associated with cord management. HEVO’s technology is up to 95% efficient (grid-to-battery) and is compliant with SAE and UL wireless charging standards.

HEVO’s power pad (surface or flush mounted in the ground) is grid-connected via the HEVO power station and transmits power wirelessly to the in-vehicle pad. The vehicle pad, in turn, sends the power via a battery adapter to the vehicle battery.

Synced via the cloud, the HEVO app provides communication between the hardware components and serves as the sole interface with the end user.

The HEVO power station offers up to 8 kW of power and is designed with wireless and plugin charging functionality. It can be connected to an AC or DC power source, and offers UL 2750 and SAE J2954 wireless charging certifications with optional J1772 Type 1 or Type 2 Mennekes plugin connections.

Prior to mass adoption, early applications of this technology include logistics and transit fleets, as well as disabled drivers who benefit from accessible and ADA-compliant charging.

HEVO and Stellantis are initially demonstrating Level 2 wireless charging on a Chrysler Pacifica PHEV at the company’s office complex in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Successful completion of this demonstration in 2023 and a subsequent 50kW fast wireless charging project will lead to opportunities for HEVO to provide wireless charging to Stellantis customers targeting cost competitiveness with plug-in charging as production volumes scale.



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