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Geely Auto launches new premium electrified product series: Geely Galaxy

Geely Auto Group officially launched a new high-end electrified product series:Geely Galaxy. The first car from the Geely Galaxy range, the Galaxy L7 long-range PHEV SUV was unveiled along with a fully electric concept model, the “Galaxy Light.”


Galaxy light electric concept

At the launch ceremony, Geely Auto also unveiled a number of new electrified technologies including the new Aegis battery safety system, NordThor Hybrid 8848 powertrain, and latest smart vehicle operating system Galaxy N-OS.

Geely Galaxy products will utilize a dedicated smart electrified architecture as well as E-CMA, for its long range hybrid product range. The Geely Galaxy range has also adopted a futuristic new design language created specifically for the smart electrified model range.


Galaxy L7 PHEV SUV

Geely expects to roll out seven new Geely Galaxy vehicle models within the next two years. Of the seven new products planned, four will be long range hybrid electric models including the Galaxy L7 SUV and L6 sedan, which begin deliveries in the second and third quarter of 2023. Three models will come under the pure galaxy E range, with the first Galaxy E8 scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The Galaxy series will be the first by the brand to utilize the Geely’s Aegis battery safety system, which protects against direct impacts to the battery during crash situations. In tandem with the vehicle’s Wise Star Cloud Connected Central Computing System, the Aegis system can accurately predict and pre-empt thermal runaways and other situations, increasing battery life by 20%, according to Geely.

The Geely Galaxy series launch also introduced the latest generation of Geely Auto’s NordThor dedicated hybrid engine, the NordThor 8848 has achieved a peak thermal efficiency of 44.26%. The NordThor 8848 powertrain uses the industry’s first predictive energy management system to improve fuel economy by up to 15%.

Paired with the NordThor three-speed dedicated hybrid transmission (DHT), the NordThor hybrid powertrain offers users a combination of performance and fuel economy. On the upcoming Geely Galaxy L7 SUV model, the hybrid powertrain enables to vehicle to reach a top speed of 200km/h with a 0-100km/h time of 7.5 seconds. Real world fuel consumption for the long range hybrid model has been tested to reach 5.23L/100km allowing the Galaxy L7 to drive 1370 km on a single tank of fuel in hybrid driving conditions. Pure electric battery range will be announced in due course.

The new Galaxy N-Operating System was developed in line with Smart Geely 2025 strategy under which Geely Auto is focusing heavily on self developed chips, operating systems, intelligent cloud computing, and satellite networks to secure the future of the brand. Backed by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8155 vehicle chip, the Galaxy N OS allows its models to have fast system startup and response time, only taking 0.5 seconds to reach a ready operational state.

With the help of Geely Auto parent company Geely Holding Group’s network of satellites, Geely Galaxy vehicles have access to centimeter-accurate precision positioning and high-precision maps to assist in intelligent driving functionality. Geely expects that by 2025 it will complete the launch of its 72 satellite network, providing full global coverage for Galaxy models.



The NordThor 8848 has achieved a peak thermal efficiency of 44.26%.
This will replace the Geely group’s current 1.5TD diesel and is basically a Range Extender for this SUV. Though there are no specifics on battery or engine size it is probably the DHE1.5 engine displacing 1.5 liters.
Not only that it will be able to run on Methanol which is being promoted in China.
Geely recently introduced the Radar RD6 pickup truck which would be a perfect size for most of the world that needs a pickup truck even the USA.
It would be great to see this SUV converted into a futuristic pickup truck concept like the Audi Activesphere and keep the Radar RD6 60 kWh LFP battery.
Don’t forget Geely owns Volvo.

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