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Elcora options to purchase existing manganese mine in Morocco; additive to Atlas Fox

Elcora Advanced Materials has signed, through its Ermazon SARL wholly owned subsidiary, a binding agreement with exclusive long-term mining production rights and option to purchase a 16 km² manganese mining concession in Morocco. This manganese deposit had been mined until a few years ago when COVID rules prevented further development.

The artisanal production run rate at the deposit was then approximately 2,500 metric tonnes / month. Elcora’s local team believes there is potential for more by adding appropriate equipment.

Combined with Elcora’s own Manganese ore Atlas Fox Deposit (earlier post), it brings the company’s overall manganese ore production capacity to more than 5,000 metric tonnes / month.

Manganese, a key component in the production of steel and other alloys, is gaining attention for its potential in renewable energy storage. Manganese-based compounds can be used in lithium-ion batteries to improve their efficiency and stability. Manganese has no satisfactory substitute in its major applications.

According to the USGS, land-based manganese resources are large but irregularly distributed; those in the United States are very low grade and have potentially high extraction costs. South Africa accounts for an estimated 70% of the world’s manganese resources.

Elcora was founded in 2011 and has been structured to become a vertically integrated battery material company. Elcora can process, refine, and produce battery-related minerals and metals. As part of the vertical integration strategy, Elcora has developed a cost-effective process to purify high-quality battery metals and minerals that are commercially scalable.


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