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Kia Corporation released full images of the exterior and interior design of the Kia EV9, its first three-row electric flagship SUV, prior to the vehicle’s full digital global premiere in late March.


Built on Kia’s Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the EV9’s long wheelbase, low beltline, and completely flat electric vehicle architecture have facilitated the creation of generous space for all occupants to connect and relax with lounge-style comfort in all three rows of seats.


Offered in both six and seven-seat formats, Kia captured feedback from families to evaluate seating configurations and features to ensure the EV9 delivers equality of space, comfort and experience for all occupants without placing all of its focus on the driver.

Occupants sitting in the first and second-row seats can simultaneously recline their seats to relax and rest when the EV9 is charging. The seats in the second row can be effortlessly swiveled 180 degrees so that occupants can interact with those sitting in the third row. The third-row seats also offer cup holders and charging points for mobile devices. 20068_2024_EV9
The open, floating panoramic dashboard extends from the steering wheel to the vehicle’s center. Two 12.3-inch touch screens integrated with one 5-inch segment display improve the digital experience, offering effortless control of the vehicle’s functions and ensuring physical buttons are kept to a minimum.


The EV9’s extended display high-definition audio visual, navigation and telematics (AVNT) screen creates a rich and immersive experience. It enhances occupants’ ability to engage and interact with the digital world seamlessly. Beneath the AVNT screen, an array of hidden type touch buttons provides a start/stop function along with AVNT and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control.



This is where EVs should shine. They seem perfect for soccer mom grocery getters where the average round trip distance is under 30 miles so charging is not an issue if one has 240v in the garage. Suburban families tend to be large as in 6 members or more so it makes sense to have a three row to move all those kiddos to and from school, sports activities and the fold flat rear seats for those huge loads of food and supplies from the big box stores once a week. Good looking SUV make a plug in hybrid version for those who need the long range or the far off grid capability and it's a double winner.

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