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Cummins’ Accelera showcases Gen 4 fuel cell system

As a result of acquisitions and investment, Cummins is focusing on three key areas for hydrogen: the production of green hydrogen; the management and transportation of hydrogen; and the application of hydrogen in engines and fuel cells.

At Con Expo, Accelera, the new brand for Cummins’ New Power business segment, showcased its fourth-generation fuel cell engine, which provides improved power density, efficiency and durability while delivering zero greenhouse gas and zero criteria air emissions.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell copy

It is available in single 150 kW and dual 300 kW module engines for heavy-duty off-highway applications.

Cummins also displayed its M15H hydrogen engine aimed at excavators, wheel loaders, drilling rigs, road planning, milling machines and air compressors, with a top rating of 530 hp (395 kW) and peak torque of 2600 N·m. (Earlier post.)

We see hydrogen engines and fuel cells as complimentary power sources, offering different options to customers depending on where they are on their path to zero carbon. Introducing hydrogen engines in the market will also accelerate the growth of hydrogen infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of fuel cell powertrains.

—Antonio Leitao, Cummins VP Off-Highway Engine Business

Accelera BP95E battery copy

Also on display at Con Expo was the latest NMC battery, the BP95E, which has a long life and fast charging times. The battery is suitable for compact equipment, particularly those that work in urban environments. Its modular design means it can be scaled to fit a number of installations based on the changing energy and packaging requirements.



I am wondering how the size and weight etc of the Cummins New Project hydrogen fuel cells compares to the combustion engine hydrogen burning variants from them.

Of course the fuel cell would need additional batteries etc, so comparisons will not be simple, but should be able to give us some info on the state of play.

On the Cummins website I have not managed to track down full specs.


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