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Elcora receives confirmation of already extracted 5,500 metric tons of manganese on existing mine in Morocco

Elcora Advanced Materials has begun operations on the 16 km² manganese mining concession in Morocco for which it had acquired exclusive rights earlier. (Earlier post.)

The SGS-certified African Laboratory for Mining and Environment (AFRILAB) team evaluated onsite that already extracted Manganese (Mn) piles contain about 5,500 metric tonnes of manganese ore. The masses tested between 27% Mn and 33% Mn before sorting or processing.

It is estimated that about 4,000 metric tons of 37% Mn ore after sorting can be obtained from the same piles. Manganese ore 37% currently sells at about US$331 / metric ton on the international market.The price is not necessarily indicative of the sales prices to be received by Elcora.

This allows Elcora to sort, process and sell manganese ore as of today in order to meet customers expectations. Mining will thereafter continue as surface deposit, saving the company time and money. Manganese is a key component for battery-grade minerals and metals.


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