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Kia unveils Concept EV5 in China

Kia Corporation unveiled the Concept EV5 at Kia Chinese EV Day. The Concept EV5 provides a preview of a production all-electric SUV model that will be launched first in China later this year; details regarding any future plans for the other global markets will be made in due course.


The Concept EV5 also heralds a new design era for Kia and gives an intriguing glimpse into the aesthetic direction of the brand’s future fully electric models. 638843

The Concept EV5 features a completely flat floor and generous space within the cabin. Innovative swivel seats enable occupants to sit and, depending on where they have parked, enjoy uninterrupted views of the scenery around them.


In line with Kia’s determination to build its cars using methodologies and materials more in harmony with nature, a wide suite of sustainable materials is used throughout the cabin of the Concept EV5. To implement the brand’s sustainable development strategy, various sustainable items are deployed, including plant-based materials like seaweed extract and upcycled PET bottles on the seats, doors, dashboard, and headliner, setting new standards of sustainability without the use of animal leather.



Very nice. I hope it has LFP batteries.

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