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Alkegen has begun commercial production of its silicon fiber anode material platform, SiFAB. The company’s new SiFAB production line is an extension of its established large-scale manufacturing facility in New Carlisle, Indiana.

SiFAB features micron-sized silicon fiber with an engineered structure that enables higher energy density through a nanoporous fiber structure that accommodates swelling. SiFAB is a drop-in solution for existing electrode formulations and mixing equipment; it can be mixed into anode slurry with existing battery manufacturing processes.


The micron range fiber material drops in existing processes, while the built-in nanoporous structure accommodates swelling. Source: Alkegen

SiFAB is currently being validated by customers for use in more than 20 different applications, according to Chief Innovation Officer Chad Cannan.

Multi-batch samples of SiFAB are available for qualification now.

Alkegen is building a broad portfolio of battery material technologies to make lithium-based battery packs safer while helping to extend battery life and accelerate charging time. Created through the combination of Unifrax and Lydall Materials, Alkegen is creating high-performance specialty materials used in advanced applications including electric vehicles, energy storage, filtration, fire protection and high-temperature insulation. Alkegen has 75 manufacturing facilities operating in 12 countries and employs 9,000+ employees globally.


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