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United States Steel Corporation announced that its new electrical steel product, InduX, will begin production at its Big River Steel facility in the summer of 2023 with the commissioning of its new non-grain oriented (NGO) electrical steel line.

InduX electrical steel is a very wide, ultra-thin, and light-weight steel, having all the magnetic properties necessary for electric vehicles (EV), as well as generators and transformers. In an EV, the better the magnetic properties, the better the motor efficiency, and the more mileage a vehicle can achieve.

By producing InduX steel in the United States, US Steel is making a significant investment in American jobs and bolstering the resilience of the country’s domestic supply chain.

InduX steel will be produced on the new NGO electrical steel line at Big River Steel in Osceola, Arkansas. NGO line construction is currently underway, and when fully operational, will produce up to 200,000 tons of InduX steel per year. Total expected capital expenditures for the NGO line of approximately $450 million is funded by cash generated from Big River Steel.

Of the three general categories of electrical steels—motor lamination, grain-oriented (GO) and non-grain-oriented (NGO)—Big River Steel initially focused on the full spectrum of motor lamination steels. The company is now turning to NGO silicon steels based on its temper mill’s capabilities of elongation up to 10% and its ability to produce chemistries with low and ultra-low carbon levels to improve magnetic properties.

In February, US Steel announced it will supply General Motors with verdeX advanced and sustainable steel, also manufactured at Big River Steel. (Earlier post.)


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