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Viritech and Haydale to extend cooperation in hydrogen pressure vessels

Viritech, a developer of high-performance hydrogen powertrain solutions for the automotive industry, is extending its cooperation with Haydale, a global technology solutions company and a developer of functionaliZed graphene-enhanced nanomaterials. The two companies will work together on solutions for hydrogen pressure vessels for the automotive industry, initially focusing on commercial vehicles.

The UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) recently published a report which highlights that by 2030, fuel cell electric vans will offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than battery-electric vans, for applications where the vehicle travels more than 300 miles per day—vans on more than one shift a day would be a prime example.

In focusing on Type V, linerless pressure vessels, Viritech and Haydale are looking to develop the world’s most efficient vehicle storage system for gaseous hydrogen. This technology could have wide application, including to the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries, with immediate application in the emerging market for fuel cell vans.

The project will entail the development of new functionalized materials and resins for Type V pressure vessels, delivering considerable weight savings and removing the need for an inner liner, which is currently required in composite pressure vessels to act as an impermeable barrier. Instead, Viritech and Haydale’s advanced graphene-enhanced carbon fibre material, will enable the construction of impermeable pressure vessels.


In addition, Viritech will be further developing its Graph-Pro structural pressure vessels, which include fixing points which attach directly to a vehicle chassis, meaning no separate attachments or frames are required. This greatly simplifies the installation of pressure vessels and saves considerable weight.

Having previously co-developed hydrogen storage solutions for Viritech’s Apricale Hypercar, this collaboration marks the next stage in the Viritech-Haydale partnership.



Im ready to buy an hydrogen ice car with these tanks in 2030 and i won't buy a bev as there is rouph winters in canada and i live in an apartment without external electric plugs.

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