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European Council and Parliament provisionally agree to Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation; more recharging and refueling stations

CALSTART launches California light-duty EV charging infrastructure incentives project; $30M first wave

CALSTART launched Communities in Charge, an incentives project funded by the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program, and supported in partnership with GRID Alternatives and Tetra Tech. This incentives project is designed to transform electric vehicle (EV) charging accessibility and accelerate the market with the rapid installation of light-duty electric vehicle Level 2 charging infrastructure across California.

Communities in Charge incentives are open to a wide variety of project sites such as schools, health care centers, local businesses, and communities. Projects able to show a high degree of readiness and those located within disadvantaged or low-income communities will be prioritized for incentives.

To kick off the project, Communities in Charge is offering $30 million in incentives and began on 23 March 2023. Funding will remain open until 8 May 2023. Applicants will be able to submit their application documents through an online Incentive Processing Center during the announced application period. The project team will review applications once the funding lane closes and notify awarded recipients.


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