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H-TEC SYSTEMS modular hydrogen electrolyzer for large-scale green hydrogen projects of 10 MW upwards

Demand for large-scale hydrogen projects from industry is steadily increasing. In response, H-TEC SYSTEMS, a subsidiary of MAN Energy Solutions, has developed a new Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP)—a scalable system for the industrial production of green hydrogen.

The standardized blocks each have an electrolysis performance of 10 MW and can be combined into systems with an electrolysis power output of 100 MW and more. The H-TEC SYSTEMS MHP electrolyzer offers high system efficiency (77% (<51kWh/kg) at 30 bar pressure), high availability and a proven maintenance concept. The new system enables low hydrogen production costs as well as stable operation.


The highly standardized 10 MW blocks from H-TEC SYSTEMS are based on the S450 stack technology which has already proven itself in the market.

The new system is designed for particularly easy indoor installation by means of pre-assembled skids. Each 10 MW block is equipped with integrated process water treatment and an electric power supply. In addition, the system can be supplemented with fresh water and hydrogen treatment equipment as well as process heat recovery or oxygen utilization as and when required.

Aside from the efficiency aspect, the system availability of an electrolyzer plays a decisive role. It is here that the MHP offers a unique redundancy concept. In the event of a stack failure within a 10 MW block as well as scheduled maintenance or inspections, a defined part of the installation can be shut down while the rest of the electrolyzer continues to operate. Through this concept, the systems can achieve almost full performance even in the event of a fault which represents crucial added value for customers based in the renewable energy and industrial sectors.

The system is looked after by experts from H-TEC SYSTEMS using a comprehensive maintenance service program.

The Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP) can now be ordered by customers in the European region.



What is production rate per hr and what is per kg cost of Hydrogen?


Hi Nirmalkumar

The 1MW unit on which this is based has an output of 450kg/dy, so 10 times that:

It is impossible to give a cost per kg of hydrogen as a generalisation, as it is dependent on the cost of electricity where it is sited.


The other thing we can say from the figures given is that taking 1kg of hydrogen at 33KWh then this system is something of the order of 60% efficient.

Not the best, as other systems using for instance otherwise waste process heat can do better, but there comes a point where financially chasing greater efficiency produces diminishing returns, so in the real world what is optimised is cost and 'good enough' solutions, not ultimate efficiency regardless of cost.

This is plug and play, with the greatest cost factor being how much electricity costs where it is sited, so something of the order of a two or three times cost differential per kg of hydrogen between an area like, say, Morocco, with great solar and wind resources and Germany, where both are lousy.

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