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Ford US EV sales up 41% in Q1 to 10,866 units; 2.3% of total Ford new vehicle sales

Ford’s EV sales grew 41.0% in Q1 2023 on sales of 10,866 electric vehicles. F-150 Lightning sales totaled 4,291 pickups with production capacity actions on track to hit an annual production run rate of 150,000 this year.

Sales by Ford Pro of the E-Transit, the best-selling electric van in the US last year, climbed 62.7% to 1,168 units. Reflecting downtime at the plant for changes to increase production, Mustang Mach-E sales were down 19.7% to 5,407 units from the same period in 2022. Ford is targeting scaling to an annual run rate for the Mach-E of 210,000 units.

Ford says that its electric vehicles continue to attract new customers with a conquest rate or more than 60%.

Ford’s overall vehicle sales—Ford Blue, Ford Pro, Model e and Lincoln—totaled 475,906, up 10.1% with estimated share up over a year ago. EV sales thus represented 2.3% of total Ford sales. In Q1 2022, Ford EV sales (7,706 units) represented 1.8% of all new vehicle sales (432,132 units).

Ford is the No. 1 selling truck manufacturer in the US, with 254,023 trucks and vans sold in the first quarter (53.4% of the total), outselling GM’s trucks and vans by approximately 27,000 vehicles. Sales of Ford’s overall trucks, including pickups and vans, were up 19.6% on the strength of F-Series pickups (up 21.1%) and Ford Pro’s Transit van (up 86.0%).



This is a very poor growth of evs for worlds top brand. Tesla has produced 40 times evs. Inspite of great demand for mustang and f 150 truck , ford is not able to produce enough after 5 yrs of ev production. Even India Tata motors produces more and suitable evs. Japanese and American auto cos may be loising badly in future.

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