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Volkswagen releases a few details about the ID.7; premiere on 17 April

The world premiere of Volkswagen’s new all-electric ID.7 flagship model (earlier post) will take place on 17 April. Volkswagen is now providing further details on the drive, running gear and convenience features of the sedan designed for long-distance driving.


The new ID.7 on test drives in Spain.

The new ID.7 will enhance the upper mid-size class in Europe, China and North America. Volkswagen plans to increase the share of its electric models to 80 per cent in Europe by 2030. The new ID.7 is an important milestone on this path, as it is scheduled to be launched in Europe before the end of 2023.

The ID.7 is the first model based on the modular electric drive (MEB) platform that has a newly developed and highly efficient drive by Volkswagen. It is the most powerful and highest-torque electric drive motor in a Volkswagen ID. model so far. The power unit with the internal designation APP550 was developed by Volkswagen Group Components in Kassel and is also produced there.

The new electric drive has been optimized above all in terms of energy consumption: depending on the battery size, WLTP ranges of up to 700 kilometers (435 miles) and charging capacities of up to 200 kW are forecast.

The optional adaptive chassis control (DCC) and the driving dynamics manager for long distance travel have been fundamentally enhanced. With the driving mode selection options, they offer a large spread between comfort and sportiness. Together with the newly applied progressive steering, the systems enable precise driving behavior and a maximum of stability.


The cockpit has been completely redesigned and the size of the classic instruments has been significantly reduced. All the necessary standard information and warnings are displayed behind the steering wheel in the ID. cockpit. The driver receives other important information via the standard augmented reality head-up display.

The heart of the display and operating concept is the Infotainment system display equipped as standard in the ID.7: measuring 38 centimeters (15 inches) across the diagonal, its operating concept has been fundamentally redesigned. For example, based on customer feedback, operation of the air conditioning has been permanently integrated on the top operating level. There are also freely configurable direct access buttons.

Volkswagen has developed a new generation of driver and front passenger seats for the ID.7. Depending on the version, these new seats offer up to 14 electrical adjustment options. As well as adaptive seat Climatronic, they also have a completely newly designed massage function. In addition to the individual settings, the driver and front passenger can alternatively activate an automatic mode for the seat climate; here, temperature and moisture sensors in the seats detect the cooling and/or heating requirement and control the climate accordingly.

The newly developed massage function of the optional ergoActive Premium seats for the driver and front passenger offers a particularly high level of comfort.



Is it just me or are cars getting incredibly expensive ?
I put it down to 3 things:

a: Electrification
b: Loads of electronic safety systems
c: Very low interest rates (up to now).

Obviously, c) is now over as interest rates go back to normal levels.
IMO, c) allowed prices to race ahead as it was possible to finance a car very cheaply, but this is now over, and e are stuck with very expensive cars, with loads of gadgets that we do not want or need.
Perhaps they could start building more austere cars again.
I recently looked at an '83 BMW 520 and it was incredibly simple inside, and yet a brilliant car.

EVs will remain expensive until battery prices come down, or people learn to live with smaller batteries and less range.
(Or mini-cars from China).


VW is one of the biggest companies in the business worldwide but despite this fact they do not have limitless cash assets. The fines imposed upon them as a result of "Dieselgate" in US totaled to approx. 27 Billion USD. That is hurting the Behemoth and causing him to dig for cash. One way to acquire the desired goal is to really smack it on the procurement price.

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