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Mullen to begin testing Linghang solid-state polymer battery technology in vehicles on US roads in Q4 2023

First all-electric MINI Convertible to premiere at Auto Shanghai 2023

The all-electric MINI Cooper SE Convertible (earlier post) celebrates its world premiere at Auto Shanghai, 18 to 27 April at the China Expo Convention and Exhibition Complex, Shanghai.


The MINI Cooper SE Convertible (power consumption combined: 17.2 kWh/100 km according to WLTP) is the first locally emission-free premium convertible in the small car segment to be presented to the public for the first time. With a limited number of 999 vehicles, it will enable MINI fans in Europe to enjoy open-air driving fun from April 2023. The small series offers a range of 201 kilometers (125 miles) determined in the WLTP test cycle.

In addition to the all-electric drive, MINI also takes a pioneering role in the edition-specific light-alloy wheels, which are made of 100% secondary aluminum.



A convertible only for driving within a city because only 123mls range with a smooth ride!
What is progress here and how expensive will the mini cabrio be?

A comparison of the BMW MINIs from Germany, Bavaria during the Easter holidays should make you think:
On Easter Monday we drove 222km from Regensburg via Straubing to Dingolfing and on to Landshut and back to Regensburg with a Rover 25, BJ2000, 1.4i with 100HP. The drive was very nice and as it was chilly (weather cold) the Rover 25 Sport Coupe was an ideal choice. Of course we also bought ice cream, coffee and cake along the way as some shops were open.

The travel costs (petrol) were exactly 13 liters of E10 petrol for a ridiculous price of 1.80 euros per liter! Only LPG/diesel is currently cheaper again!

Please explain to me now how can you construct a new e-MINI convertible with a maximum range of 201km (125mls) which probably does not have a range of 90mls when driving briskly? How often do you have to charge the battery on the go and spend wasted time at charging stations. Is this all just a MINI marketing idea, as is usually the case?

Outlook: Well, our Rover 25 ICE will probably live another 20 years!

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