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Arnold Magnetic Technologies and Cyclic Materials partner on rare earth circular supply chain

Arnold Magnetic Technologies, a subsidiary of Compass Diversified and global manufacturer of high-performance magnets and more for mission critical applications, is partnering with Cyclic Materials, a pioneer in developing more sustainable domestic supply chains for rare earth elements. Arnold and Cyclic will work together to develop a rare earth recycling program, creating a circular supply chain for rare earth materials.

Arnold produces permanent magnets made from rare earth materials. Cyclic Materials’ recycling capabilities allow for the reuse of rare earth materials reclaimed from magnets. While previous recycling measures only reclaim select elements, Cyclic Materials plans to recycle all elements from Arnold’s supply feed to offer a broader range of recycled materials at a much higher yield. This will allow Arnold to source recycled, rare earth Samarium, Neodymium, and Dysprosium, along with non-rare earth cobalt from Cyclic Materials moving forward, creating a North American supply source.

Arnold is exploring options for expanding this partnership to the rest of their North American locations.

Currently, rare earth supply chains are extremely dependent upon China. Arnold and Cyclic Materials will be able to reduce dependence upon foreign nations for these materials by increasing supply chain efficiency with value-added recycling. This reduces waste both up and downstream and greatly reduces environmental impact as a result.

With this partnership, Arnold will need fewer virgin materials and will increase the resiliency of their supply chain—offering more capacity and more flexibility for production.


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