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Light-duty ZEVs accounted for 21.1% of new vehicles sold in California in Q1

California posted new light-duty zero emission vehicle (ZEV) sales—battery-electric (BEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCEV)—of 124,053 units in Q1 2023, representing 21.1% market share of the total 588,455 light-duty vehicles sold, according to the California Energy Commission. The Q1 sales bring the cumulative ZEV sales in the state to more than 1.5 million.

in Q1 2023, BEVs represented 77.3% of sales (95,946 units); PHEVs accounted for 21.9%; and FCEVs accounted for 0.7%. Cumulatively, BEVs represent 69% of ZEV sales in the state (1,051,456 units); PHEVs are 30% of sales (457,078 units); and FCEVs are 1% (15,432 units).

30% of the Q1 ZEV sales were in Los Angeles County (36,670 units), followed by Orange County (15,289 units, 12% ); Santa Clara county (11,428 units, 9%); San Diego county (10,833 units, 8.7%); and Alameda county (8,198 units, 6.6%). Those 5 counties thus account for 66.4% of the total light-duty ZEV sales in the state in Q1.


Newly registered ZEVs in California in Q1 2023. ZEV sales in California are heavily weighted to the coastal, urban counties. Source: CEC.

Tesla alone accounted for 46% of all ZEV sales in Q1, and that with four models. The Model Y was the top seller in the state, with 33,205 units (26.8%).


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