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Motiv Power Systems has launched its next-generation electric trucks for medium-duty fleets. Motiv is a 14-year veteran providing all-electric step vans, box trucks and shuttle buses capable of moving 2-6 ton payloads. The company has deployed more than 150 vehicles and driven more than 2.5 million miles with fleets across North America.

Motiv’s new trucks build on the company’s previous generations and are engineered to meet today’s fleet needs while embracing the latest EV technology, including a new motor and a new battery system—all assembled with a far more efficient powertrain design with fewer parts.

Motiv worked with Nidec to design and patent a six-phase motor and motor controller producing torque that surpasses internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. Motiv also co-developed and has patents pending for its battery interface to the new battery system, the first ONE Aries LFP battery system on the market, capable of reaching a 200-mile range on a single charge. The base version is rated at 150 miles range.

The new trucks arrive as the commercial trucking industry faces increasing pressure to electrify due to newly accelerated net-zero regulations, federal tax breaks, gas price volatility, corporate sustainability initiatives, and consumer pressure. Many businesses are eager to transition to EVs and are in need of  established vehicles that can service 2-6 ton payloads with the same reliability and an even better driving experience than traditional internal combustion engine trucks.

Motiv’s next generation vehicles incorporate notable upgrades to empower fleet operators and drivers embrace electrification, including:

  • Powerful torque equal to Class 8 diesel trucks: The patented motor and controller, co-developed with Nidec, offers Class 8 diesel-comparable torque making the trucks faster than all gasoline equivalents 0-30 and 0-60 with a full load (4-6 tons).

  • Simplified design: The new EVs have built on Motiv’s previous iterations to embody an efficient, reliable design by combining 12 different parts into a single, high-reliability unit with fewer wires and cables. The simplicity improves serviceability and limits maintenance needs. Plus, the vehicles use less refrigerant, which is more climate friendly and more robust.

  • Enhanced driving range: The new ONE Aries LFP battery, co-developed with ONE and incorporating Motiv’s patent-pending battery control signal, offers a leading 150-200-mile range for its entire capacity, even when at max GVWR. This means that fleets can drive the full range with a max rated payload, opening the door to electrification for companies with large payload requirements such as linens and office supplies.

  • Battery safety and sustainability: The LFP battery is free of nickel and cobalt, which lowers costs, creates a more sustainable raw material supply chain and has a significantly longer lifetime. The chemistry and design of the LFP battery greatly increases safety by eliminating the potential for thermal events. Additionally, the batteries are manufactured in the US, growing innovation and opportunity in America.

  • Highly customizable: Fleets can select two or three battery packs to suit range needs. The new technology design supports customized body builders, including providing several charge port locations, multiple high-voltage accessories for HVAC and power take-off, and many specialized body requirements.

Motiv’s next generation of vehicles are currently available for purchase and the first customer shipments will roll out in June.


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