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InCharge Energy has launched its vehicle-to-everything (V2X) DC fast charger portfolio. The ICE-22 V2X, ICE-44 V2X and ICE-66 V2X chargers provide fleet operators with chargers that optimize operations, increase cost efficiencies while supporting grid stability and enable them to qualify for electric vehicle (EV) grant funds that include a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) compatibility requirement.

V2G charging enables using an EV’s battery to provide power to the grid. V2X charging, also known as bidirectional charging, extends beyond V2G to give users the option to charge and discharge their vehicles’ batteries or to use them as a power source for multiple applications, including buildings, other vehicles, or for battery storage to help relieve strain on the electric grid during peak times.

Applicable to many use cases, V2X is suited for fleets with long dwell times, time-of-use energy tariffs and facilities in outage-prone regions. This type of charging is a way for fleets to future-proof their infrastructure to realize potential cost savings while optimizing fleet uptime and providing the flexibility of a backup built-in power source.


The suite of InCharge V2X chargers includes three options of varying power outputs:

  • ICE-22 V2X (22kW-rated output power) is suited for fleets needing sequential charging, such as those with long dwell times without time-of-use tariffs, and is useful for discharging multiple vehicles back-to-back. ICE-22 V2X is available with dual CCS1 (CHAdeMO upon request).

  • ICE-44 V2X (44kW-rated output power) is suited for fleets that strive to maximize charging with simultaneous and sequential charging or discharging of two vehicles at a time. Available with dual CCS1 (CHAdeMO upon request).

  • ICE-66 V2X (66kW-rated output power) is suited for fleets that have high daily utilization and may need to charge up quickly or provide energy back to a building or facility to shave utility costs or grid strain. Available with dual CCS1 (CHAdeMO upon request).

The bidirectional functionality and benefits of the InCharge V2X chargers are realized with the V2X add-on of InControl, the charging management system from InCharge Energy. Using a modern OpenAPI architecture developed specifically for large fleets, the proprietary InControl platform allows fleet managers to operate, monitor and maintain their EV charging infrastructure digitally, with the option to integrate it into their existing software systems. Additionally, integrating vehicle telematics into InControl provides advanced scheduling features that optimize fleet vehicle uptime.


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