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Anaergia to supply RNG to FuelCell Energy to create renewable hydrogen supporting Toyota’s port facility

Anaergia Inc. announced that its subsidiary SoCal Biomethane will supply renewable natural gas (RNG) as facilitated by renewable fuels marketer Anew Climate to FuelCell Energy’s Tri-gen system to produce carbon-negative hydrogen and electricity for Toyota Motor North America, Inc.’s (TMNA) Logistics Services Center at the Port of Long Beach in California.

The facility is Toyota’s largest port operation handling import/exports for North America and processes about 200,000 vehicles per year.

FuelCell Energy’s Tri-gen system will produce approximately 1.3 tons of renewable hydrogen per day which will fuel Toyota Mirai vehicles. The fuel cells will also produce a net 2.3 megawatts (MW) of electricity—enough to power Toyota Logistics Services Center—and will add renewable electricity to the grid, as well as produce roughly 1,400 gallons of water a day that will be used for car-washing operations.

Anaergia’s supply of renewable natural gas (RNG) will be produced from food waste and municipal wastewater at the company’s SoCal Biomethane plant in Victorville, California and will be sold and delivered to FuelCell Energy through Anew, the exclusive RNG marketer for the Victorville facility.

Because the methane sourced from Anaergia is made from renewable sources that otherwise emit fugitive methane emissions from decomposition, it is considered carbon negative. Thus, when this carbon-negative RNG is then converted to hydrogen and electricity in FuelCell Energy’s Tri-gen system, both outputs are considered zero-emissions and carbon negative.

Converting this renewable natural gas to renewable electricity is expected to avoid more than 9,000 tons of grid electricity greenhouse gas emissions per year. The renewable hydrogen is expected to avoid more than 4,000 tons of annual greenhouse gas emissions compared to the emissions produced if the hydrogen had been made by conventional steam reforming of fossil natural gas. FuelCell Energy’s Tri-gen system will also reduce the air pollution that disproportionately impacts nearby communities, as the fuel cell’s chemical reaction is virtually free of NOx, SOx, and particulate matter emissions.

Anaergia’s SoCal Biomethane facility was developed through a public-private partnership (P3) with the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority and financing partner North Sky Capital.

Anaergia was created to eliminate a major source of greenhouse gases by cost-effectively turning organic waste into renewable natural gas, fertilizer and water, using proprietary technologies. Its customers are in the municipal solid waste, municipal wastewater, agriculture, and food processing industries. In each of these markets Anaergia has built many successful plants including some of the largest in the world. Anaergia owns and operates some of the plants it builds, and it also operates plants that are owned by its customers.



All those investing in H2 for motorization purposes are the same that failed simple math in grade school.



You have a somewhat weird take on the mathematical abilities of Daimler, Toyota, Volvo, Hyundai, the DOE and the energy departments in Europe, China, South Korea and Japan.

But what do they know?


I'll admit that those you mentioned are excellent when it comes to counting beans but when true math is concerned I have my doubts.


In your short listing you forgot to mention the mathematical skills of Putin.


VW, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Mazda etc. etc. built factories in China to get their fair share of the biggest car market in the world. They were hell-bent to show the Chinese how ICEs are built. Now these MFRCs have approx. short above 4 mio vehicles stockpiled which they will more than likely never sell (at least not in China).

In 2022, 60% of POVs sold in China were BEVs. Apart from Tesla's contribution, the majority of BEVs sold in China were of Chinese production. Their best selling BEVs are already being imported in Europe.
Now tell me something more about the bean counters you mentioned and their mathematical skills.



!!! An even more remarkable claim, considering the thousands of advanced research papers put out by those organisations, which typically involve a bit of math.

It is evidently out of the question that you may have missed something, or a number of things.

Your 'simple math' may be less fault free than you imagine.

I have no idea why you are on about Putin now.


"I have no idea why you are on about Putin now."
His calculations went USC as well as those of the ICE MFRCs.

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