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Rimac Technology is entering the stationary Energy Storage Systems (ESS) market with the launch of Rimac Energy. Rimac Energy’s ESS is built upon a novel electrical architecture, which the company says enables significant performance, safety, and availability advantages, including up to 50% reduced energy losses and 40% smaller system footprint.

Additional technological benefits include improved cycle life, built-in redundancy for increased availability, as well as competitive material and installation cost. Insights into the technology will be revealed later this year.


Rimac Energy will produce its pilot systems for selected customers this year with commissioning in 2024. High volume ESS production shall begin in 2025 at the Rimac Campus in Croatia, scaling to more than 10GWh of annual production.

Rimac Technology is the Rimac Group entity that designs, engineers and produces high-performance EV components and systems to help the industry build hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Rimac Energy product portfolio includes utility-scale ESS, commercial & industrial applications, and highly integrated battery buffered charging solutions. All products are fully designed, developed, and produced in Europe.

The launch of Rimac Energy marks a major milestone for the company, as it expands beyond market-leading EV technology and introduces innovative stationary energy storage systems. These stationary solutions are essential in realizing the full potential of renewable power generation and driving the decarbonization of energy networks.

The Rimac Energy team has been steadily built as a specialized team within Rimac Technology over the last 18 months and now consists of 60 dedicated employees, all of whom currently work on its first generation of stationary ESS and pilot applications with select customers.

Initially, Rimac Energy will provide solutions for large commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications, with battery-buffered solutions for fast and mega-watt charging already underway. The company currently has several customer projects in discussion, including a pilot with a leading renewable energy company to provide battery storage solutions for their solar and wind power plants.

These pilot systems are expected to be produced by the end of this year, and commissioned in 2024. Mass manufacturing is set to start in 2025, with manufacturing capacities continuously scaling up into the double-digit GWh-scale.

There is an urgent need for clean energy infrastructure to support the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid by providing storage and balancing capabilities. Given our head start in EV technology and dedication to sustainability, this path feels like a seamless progression for us. Our team is truly excited about creating solutions that make clean energy more accessible, as we strive to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and foster a greener future.

—Rimac Group founder and CEO Mate Rimac

Rimac Energy’s technology is being developed and manufactured at Rimac’s facilities on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia and will be revealed later this year.



Today the world needs non lithium battery storage urgently. Lithium is too costly and prone to fires. It has even become chinese monopoly. World has to move to non lithium batteries for evs also then only they become viable for mass production.

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