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Gotion to supply VW with LFP cells outside of China

Under a new contract, China-based Gotion High-Tech will supply Volkswagen with LFP cells outside China. Gotion began supplying LFP cells to Volkswagen China in early 2022. The cells adopt the same design and specifications as those for the Chinese market, and are aimed at Volkswagen Group's full range of new energy vehicles.

In July 2021, Gotion Hi-Tech and Volkswagen reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement under which Gotion developed the first generation of standard cells for Volkswagen China’s conventional mass production models.

VW unveiled the unit cell in March 2021 as part of its Power Day. The prismatic battery is to be used in 80% of all the group’s electric cars by 2030. The cell can be equipped with different cell chemistries; e.g., LFP cells for small vehicles, NCM cathodes with a high nickel content for premium models and even solid-state batteries.

Volkswagen has been the largest single shareholder in Gotion High-Tech since the end of 2021.


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