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Volvo Group is the first truck manufacturer to launch an Augmented Reality (AR) safety app for electric trucks, designed specifically to support first responders in an emergency. The app is developed to deliver instant, valuable information from the electric truck to the emergency services team arriving on the scene to guide them in real-time and ensure safe rescue conditions.


Electric trucks will change the world, not only in terms of making transportation more sustainable, but also in how we drive and interact with the trucks themselves. The technology involved—specifically the high-voltage systems capable of powering a heavy electric truck—is also changing how we regard emergency response, as it requires its own set of new safety parameters and routines.

The Emergency Response Guide app, now available for download free of charge from the Android and the Apple stores, provides safety information for all Volvo Group heavy electric truck brands, including Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Mack Trucks. For Mack electric trucks, the AR features will be added during June 2023.


By using a combination of connectivity, camera, sensors, 3D modeling, and augmented reality overlays, the safety app can provide first responders with a detailed view of the vehicle. It offers information on the location of high-voltage cables, battery packs, and other key components as well as step-by-step instructions on how to safely shut down the electric vehicle’s power supply in case of an emergency.

The safety app has been developed by a team of experts at Volvo Group’s Research & Development facilities in Sweden, France, and the United States. Apart from augmented reality information and 3D models, the app also contains all safety documentation relating to the electric truck, which will be accessible to the app user once the truck is identified.


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