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Factorial earns UN 38.3 certification to ship 100Ah Lithium-metal solid-state battery

Factorial, a developer of solid-state battery technology for electric vehicle (EV) applications, has received the UN 38.3 safety certification for its large format automotive solid-state batteries. This makes Factorial the first Li-metal solid-state battery maker to successfully receive certification that covers 100+Ah cell.


The UN 38.3 standard is a globally recognized requirement for the safe transportation of lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries. It involves a series of rigorous tests, which are performed by a third-party agency. The following test procedures are included in UN 38.3:

  • T1 – Altitude Simulation (Simulation to 50,000 ft altitude atmosphere)

  • T2 – Thermal Test (12-hour dwell times at -40°C and 72°C, repeated 10 times)

  • T3 – Vibration (1G from 7Hz to 18Hz, 2g from >18Hz to 200Hz, 3-hour test in each axis)

  • T4 – Shock (34.6g shock pulses in positive and negative direction)

  • T5 – External Short Circuit (Pack conditioned at 57C, short maintained for 1-hour or more)

  • T6 – Impact (9.1kg mass dropped from 61cm)

  • T7 – Overcharge (Charge at twice manufacturer’s recommended current)

  • T8 – Forced Discharge (12 V power supply connected in series at maximum recommended current) including crush, thermal, vibration, shock, external short circuit, altitude simulation, and forced discharge.

These tests ensure the batteries can withstand various conditions without any hazardous risks and are mandatory for batteries that are transported by air, sea, or land.

Factorial’s proprietary FEST (Factorial Electrolyte System Technology) solid-state battery, providing safer and up to 50% higher energy density batteries compared to lithium-ion batteries. This UN 38.3 certification enables Factorial to ship its 100+Ah cells globally to customers and partners, bringing the product another step closer toward achieving automotive qualification.

FEST has been scaled in 100Ah cells, works at room temperature, and is compatible with existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment. Factorial has entered into joint development agreements with Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis, and Hyundai Motor Company.



More about Factorial here:

This is their 40 Ah version, which:

' the battery retains 97.3% of its energy capacity after 675 charging cycles at ambient temperature. Until now, batteries based on polymer electrolytes have had poor cycle life.'

No indication of what charge rate they are talking about.

Sounds a long way away from commercial production ready, save perhaps for specialist premium use, drones etc to me.


Would be nice for an e-bike.

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