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Innovations in the automotive sphere are increasingly driven by software engineering. One core enabler for this trend is the decoupling of hardware and software through a new generation of automotive middleware products that are now accelerating into stage of automotive mass production.

Robert Bosch Venture Capital, the corporate venture capital entity of the Bosch Group, completed an investment in China-based automotive middleware company AutoCore.ai.

Established in 2018, AutoCore.ai has rapidly developed into an aspiring supplier of high-performance automotive middleware. The company has a proven track record with an impressive customer base and has shown a striking growth over the last years, both in products and capabilities, Bosch said.

AutoCore’s core products include:

  • AutoCore.OS - multi-patented distributed operating system

  • AutoCore.SYS - one-stop solution for customers on in-car service and automated driving (ADAS/AD)

  • AutoCore.COMM - Full stack in-vehicle networking solutions supporting supporting all physical vehicle buses and various communication protocols such as DDS, TSN, IPC, PCIE and ring network.

The first AutoCore.ai software products already have the ISO26262 highest functional safety level ASILD product certification. It has reached strategic cooperation with many mainstream chip manufacturers, and its products are used in many OEMs and Tier1 mass production projects.

AutoCore.ai will also strategically benefit from Bosch’s strong network and communities for the software-defined vehicle by leveraging collaboration opportunities with Bosch’s entities and partners.

Along with the investment, Robert Bosch Venture Capital also announced a unification of its branding as Bosch Ventures in the future. The brand Bosch Ventures underlines the connection to the Bosch Group. Besides the standardized brand, nothing changes: As one of Europe’s largest corporate investors, Bosch Ventures not only provides capital, but also offers start-ups access to specialist, industry and manufacturing knowledge gained from more than 135 years of business activity.

The investment is led by Bosch Ventures and Boyuan Capital, joined by existing shareholder GL Ventures.


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