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Medha Group, a supplier of vehicle traction systems and related electronics based in Hyderabad, India, and Leclanché SA, a provider of energy storage solutions, have agreed to market their technologies jointly in the railroad and commercial truck markets.

The partnership agreement allows for Leclanché to provide its Li-ion battery pack solutions, including but not limited to its INT-53 and INT-39 high energy battery packs, to Medha for a wide range of projects including auxiliary and maintenance railway vehicles as well as passenger trains. The collaboration covers the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.

Medha Group specializes in the design and manufacture of products including traction converters, auxiliary power converters and on-board systems for applications on locomotives, trainsets, coaches, railroad stations and railyards. The company has extensive presence in the industry with more than 30,500 converters and 35,000 on-board systems installed in leading manufacturers’ trains in more than 30 countries.

The combination of Medha’s traction and related electronics, together with Leclanché’s advanced lithium-ion battery packs, will create a strong and attractive offering for leading train manufacturers and OEM commercial vehicle designers across three continents.

—Phil Broad, CEO, Leclanché E-Mobility

Leclanché’s INT-53 Energy battery packs are used by many of the major railroad manufacturers worldwide, in both trains and locomotives. Leclanché has earned the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Group certification (ISO/TS 22163), the standard specifying business management system requirements for rail organisations. Its ECE R100.2 certified INT-39 Energy packs are optimized for long-life applications, improved operational efficiencies and lower running costs. Commercial vehicles equipped with Leclanché packs are quiet, odourless and produce zero emissions helping to ease the transition to a reduced CO2 environment.

Medha Group is an India-based R&D-focused company dedicated to design, development, manufacture, supply and service of railway products.


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