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Rheinmetall wins new order for high-voltage electric fuel cell coolant pumps for 800V architecture

Rheinmetall has won a new order for hundreds of thousands of CWA2000 high-voltage electric coolant pumps. The order is worth a figure in the two-digit million-euro range. Rheinmetall is a Tier 1 supplier of the customer. Production begins in 2026, with deliveries spaced over a six-year period.


The customer, one of the world’s largest internationally operating automakers, has ordered the high-voltage electric coolant pumps for use in its 800V architecture. The component is designed as a glandless pump which, due to the lack of a mechanical seal, ensures low friction and a long service life.

Moreover, any leakage into the electronics or the environment is prevented, guaranteeing maximum safety for high-voltage e-motors and inverters. In addition, the internal electronics regulate the necessary cooling capacity via an intelligent thermal management, enhancing both operating range and passenger comfort.

In the meantime, 800V technology has joined 400V as the industry standard in the e-mobility sector. With twice the charge capacity, the former offers greater day-to-day utility and higher efficiency owing to reduced electric resistance. Furthermore, the technology enables the use of thinner cables, helping to save space and weight as well as the need for expensive metals like copper. Due to the reduced heat loss, moreover, the cooling system design can be smaller yet more efficient.

With this new order, Rheinmetall continues to make inroads into the forward-looking market for sustainable fuel cell technology. Further orders in this segment are expected in future.


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